• Supports the ability, stability and the security of students.
  • Individual focus and the infinite potential.
  • Follows the standard and updated educational curriculum.
  •  Importance to develop the listening, speaking and reading skills.
  • Believes entertainment boosts the power of education.
  • Supportive, caring and positive learning environment.

Main Aim is to provide academic excellence for bright full future, to produce great personalities for the society. Boost the children to develop confidence physically, mentally and spiritually.


Our values Excellence, dignity, ethics, student focus, respect, responsibility and caring indicates you our thoughts, words and the actions.

Name : Madhu Ponnada

Education : M.Tech

Experience : Sr. Manager – TCS Canada

Background :  Completed Master of Engineering in Andhra University and worked as Asst.Professor in reputed engineering college for 5 yrs and moved to Software Industry in 2005 and currently working as Sr Manager in TCS Canada.

Short intro :  Education is my passion and building a strong Educational institute is my dream.

Short message on education in your terms

Education build the Nation. We are Strongly committed to Provide Quality of Education and with Fun and learn and make sure each child start a good career in our organization to build a Strong nation.

Name : Praveen Muddada

Education : M.S (Germany)

Experience : Sr. IT Analyst – Australia

Background : Completed Master of science in Germany and worked as as Software engineer in Satyam Computers, which is now Tech Mahindra for 11 Years, establised Software company in year 2013 at Vizag and established Kaumudi Schools in 2016 and is currently looking after these educational institutions.

Short intro : Passionate about creating a good and robust educational institution across all majors sectors by providing quality education with highly qualified faculty.